We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  Our goal is happy customers: that keeps our business thriving and our customers coming back!  

We very much appreciate the work that our Care Provider customers do on behalf of women and babies each day!

“I had our first baby at age 38.  I used a waterbirth pool as a pain management tool and I also used a very uncomfortable birth stool.  It literally felt like I was in a torture device.  My second stage was prolonged and difficult.  After five hours of pushing, I delivered in a landed squat position that exhausted both me and my birth attendants.  I did not have the physical support that I needed.  I am certain my first birth would have been different if I had had a CUB® Support at my birth.

Birth changed my life.  I started my first company, Waterbirth Solutions, Inc. , in 2009 after working as a volunteer for Waterbirth International.  Shortly thereafter I gave birth to our second child.  As with most second babies, this birth moved very quickly and I stayed in my birth pool for the three hour duration of transition and second stage.  It was very quick and second stage was quite intense but physically easy in comparison to my first birth.

My goal with both my babies was to have an empowering, beautiful birth.  I came to realize later that what I was seeking was an Active Upright Birth; I just didn’t have the words for it.  I fell in love with waterbirth as a tool and I feel equally moved by the comfort and ease of the CUB® Support. While waterbirth is not an option or desire for everyone, the CUB® Support can benefit ALL laboring women. I hope you find CUB® Support as impressive as I do!

I founded Upright Birth, Inc. to promote CUB® Support properly and reach ALL women – parents, midwives, doulas, nurses and OBs – landed and water-based – ALL laboring women deserve to have an empowering, beautiful birth!

I am pleased and proud to represent CUB® Support in the US.  Every mother, midwife, birth center and hospital would benefit from this versatile, durable, and comfortable birth support.  It is much more than a stool!”

-Marla Althouse